Terms of Use

By participating in the acquisition of OAT Tokens, You, the user, agree to the terms outlined in the Terms of Use defined herein, and to the Psiphon Privacy Policy .

Please note that any information outlined in these Terms does not amount to legal, “financial” or technical advice, a solicitation or invitation to invest, or an offer or invitation in respect of shares or securities in any jurisdiction.


Psiphon may update these Terms of Use at any time, at our sole discretion. If any update is provided to these Terms of Use, it is the responsibility of You to refer back to the Terms of Use outlined herein.


As permitted by applicable law and except as specified otherwise in writing by Psiphon, the acquisition of OAT are acquired “as is” and “as available” without warranties of any kind. Psiphon disclaims any and all implied warranties, without limitation.

Your Use of OAT in Connection with Psiphon Services

Open Access Tokens (OAT) are currently available for the conversion of PsiCash at my.psi.cash . We reserve the right to change, modify or increase the amount of PsiCash required to acquire an OAT Token at any time. Participation in the OAT system includes no rights, implied or otherwise, other than the right to use OAT as a means to acquire the services outlined herein, and the usage of and interaction with Psiphon services. However, Psiphon reserves the right in our sole discretion to refuse any request for services from us and/or to redeem any services.

Any and all other uses of OAT outside of Psiphon services is not within the scope of these terms.

Information Collected by Psiphon for the Acquisition of OAT, and Your Use of “Third Party Wallets”

Your participation in the OAT system, and your acquisition of OAT at my.psi.cash is final. Acquisition and retention of OAT to Your provided “third party wallet” rests solely on the responsibility of You.

In order for you to acquire OAT tokens from my.psi.cash , Psiphon requires the public key of Your “third party wallet”, as well as the details provided in your my.psi.cash account. Your public key is then associated with Your my.psi.cash account, and stored to allow for operation of the my.psi.cash system. Additionally, once a conversion has proceeded, the public key of your “third party wallet” will be publicly accessible on the gnosis blockchain.

For additional details on what information is required for Your use of my.psi.cash please refer to our Privacy Policy .

Failed PsiCash Conversions and Cancellations of OAT Conversions

Psiphon will not be held liable for any “third party wallet” related errors, losses, “failed retention”, or any and all related accountability of Your use of such software. Further, Psiphon will not be held liable for Your use of OAT with any third party website, as this is not within the scope, and not connected to Your use of Psiphon services.

For any and all inquiries regarding refunds of PsiCash and cancellation of Psiphon services, please refer to our Privacy Policy .

For any inquiries specific to OAT, please contact [email protected]

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