Introducing OAT:
The Open Access Token

Psiphon knows that we are better together, and that the power of technology should always be used in the service of helping people.
Building on our experience delivering cutting edge open-source censorship circumvention technology across the world, we are pleased to present The Open Access Token

In the case of the open access to information over the internet, withstanding frontiers not only include unfettered access but also the productive limitations that exist across the world. Using the internet to access information has a cost. Servers must be hosted to meet demand at scale, and circumvention methods always need to evolve. Users help create a healthy and open internet and contribute to this process. Every connection to a network is valuable.

With the OAT utility token, Psiphon aims to create an ecosystem designed to facilitate global participation and the direct involvement of anyone who is interested in securing the future of a free and open Internet.

Stay tuned for the future of OAT!

To begin, users with a PsiCash account can now convert their PsiCash to OAT at my.psi.cash
OAT is an ERC-20 utility token on the Gnosis chain.
Currently, users can use the MetaMask wallet browser plugin on Chrome or the browser in the MetaMask wallet browser plugin on Chrome or the browser in the MetaMask mobile wallet app on iOS or Android to acquire OAT.
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